Welcome to Ximbiot.com

Ximbiot is a full service consulting and support company for CVS (the Concurrent Versions System) and Subversion. The company was established in 1999 by technical professionals with the simple belief that "experience counts" and with a commitment to integrity and excellence in meeting our clients needs.

We offer a wide variety of technical services to large and small companies including CVS and Subversion training, CVS and Subversion set up and maintenance, technical support contracts for CVS and Subversion, and CVS and Subversion hosting.

Our clients are diverse. We have provided solutions to multi-national companies, manufacturers and vendors, financial and pharmaceutical giants, internet service providers, the U.S. Government, non-U.S. interests, and defense contractors, among many others.

We have designed and developed highly successful web-based sites for collaboration and remote management, on and of software development projects.

We are expert in database-driven web portals and systems, web-based workflow management, source configuration management best practices, and source configuration management training and education.

Ximbiot employs some of the premier talent in the industry in order to keep your developers working together smoothly, like you want them working.

Our staff members are experts in their respective fields.