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Learning about CVS

  • CVS for new users is an introduction to version control and CVS, with links to more introductory material.
  • CVS Overview describes the features and system requirements of CVS.
  • The Add-ons page links to a variety of tools that add functionality to CVS, utilities that work off CVS repositories, and graphical user interfaces to make using CVS easier.
  • The CVS Links page includes a list of links relating to CVS.
  • The info-cvs mailing list and its archives contain a lot of questions, answers, and discussion that might be helpful as you learn CVS and if you have problems.

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Learning how to use CVS

  • Introduction to CVS by Jim Blandy is a quick-start guide to using CVS as a local version control system. Most everything applies equally to using CVS over the Internet. It covers the basics, including checking out a working directory, merging and committing changes, and checking differences between versions.
  • Version Management with CVS by Per Cederqvist et al is the "official" manual for CVS.  Commonly known as "the Cederqvist," the manual covers repositories, branches, and file maintenance, and includes reference material for both CVS users and CVS repository administrators.  Available in a variety of formats via the link above.
  • Open Source Development with CVS by Karl Fogel is a printed book covering both CVS and open-source development philosophy. The CVS portions of the book -- a complete introduction, tutorial, and reference to CVS -- are available online under the terms of the GPL.  
  • Version Control with CVS is a quick list of CVS commands and when to use them.
  • Recommended Books lists several books that cover CVS. Some focus on CVS and some cover CVS in relation to other topics like programming or Web development.

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Frequently asked questions (and answers)

  • The CVS FAQ-O-Matics contain a lot of useful information.
  • The CVS Quick Reference lists the CVS command line commands and options, along with a brief description of each.
  • Help with anonymous CVS shows how to anonymously read the repository for CVS itself. You can use similar steps to access other anonymous CVS repositories.
  • The CVS Information Pages are a set of documents that cover CVS administration, usage tips, CVS history, and information for developers interested in contributing to the CVS code.

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Old documentation

  • was originally available at The content is available here, if you have an old link, but be aware that most of it is obsolete.

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